Yellow Spray Paint 400ml

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Fluorescent Spray Paint - Supplied in 400ml cans

  • Closest Pantone™ colour 809 closest RAL 1026
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Fluorescent sprayable paints that glow under Ultra Violet light and are also vivid in normal light conditions. We believe our spray paints to be superior for ease of application and consistent clean spraying. Our spray paints also emit less strong odours than other brands we tested.


To achieve full fluorescent potential, a white background must be used, White Undercoat Primer Spray recommended. Additional durability can be achieved by over painting with Clear Lacquer Spray, both are fully compatible with our Fluorescent Spray Paints and available from The UV Centre.

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Also available White Undercoat Primer Spray and Clear Lacquer Spray

Instructions and Data Sheet available here.






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